Cookie Cutter Brows

Cookie Cutter Brows

Have you ever gone into a salon and asked for a brow wax, or had a microblading service? Most of us would answer yes to one, the other, or both. But have you ever gone into a salon where the esthetician broke out a  stencil and began to give you cookie cutter brows?  Meaning that you were about to get your brows shaped just like the stencil?

Everyone has their own way of shaping, some just follow what they client has, and has always done, which may NOT be the best look. Many professionals have used various methods of shaping, measuring doodads, strings, and rulers, or other ways to “shape your brows”.  But what's but the best way?


Doing research on the topic of shaping and stencils may be a little sensitive. It can make you question what you have done your whole life, or at least since you realized brow maintenance was a thing. 

Well, this is where I am gonna rock your world with some facts about stencils. Yes stencils and the artistry behind them that insures your brows stay your brows, and as symmetrical as possible, meaning twins. Your welcome.  

Using stencils takes knowledge of corners, arches, tails, and illusions.  It takes skill, artistry, and adjustment.  With that being said, let’s talk about shape and stencils.

First, there are three measurements. Yep, three, count 'em. They are the base of every individual's brows.  They are the front corner, the arch, and the tail, and they makeup the body of the brow.

The front corner, or starting point of your brow starts along the inside corner of your nostril, runs along the base of the bridge of your nose to the brow. Unless of course you were over tweezed by your best friends big sister in the 90’s.  By the way, that was NOT our best brow decade.

The next measurement is your arch. The arch is found with an angular line from the tip of your nose, across your pupil, to your brow. Now if you already have an established arch, work with that. We can always adjust a bit depending on your growth. Identifying your front corner first gives you the natural lift that leads you your arch. This is the whole reason we start with the front corner.

Last, but surly not least, the tail.  The tails is found with an angled line from the outside corner of your nose to the outside corner of your eye, keeping the line tight to both.  The tail should be level with the front corner, but a little higher, or slightly lower is okay. It is the one measurement that you can adjust as necessary.

So where do stencils come in? I mean, we have our measurements down, but we haven’t talked about stencils yet. 

Well, here we go with the logic behind stencils, finding the right one, and how they create a very symmetrical and flattering pair of eyebrows, as close to unicorns, symmetrical unicorns, as you can possibly get. Symmetrical, beautiful, but never a cookie cutter. 

Once the measurements have been established, you have a starting place to lay the stencil down with.  Place the stencil down, according to your three measurements. 

Make sure when choosing the stencil and checking it when you have it on your brow that you have taken in account your hair growth, and bone structure.  If you find that according to the bone structure the stencil is correct, but your hair growth is thinner or thicker, simply adjust the stencil by lining the bottom of the stencil and adjusting the top to fit the natural hair growth. 

If the stencil isn't sitting correctly on the brow bone, chose another stencil until you find the one that fits your brow bone structure. 

The whole purpose of using a stencil is to enhance your natural brows, by using your structure, your brow bone, your hair growth, your brows, and then making proper adjustments.

This process of stenciling gives the proper guidelines to assist you in keeping your brows symmetrical and beautiful; THUS, making them YOUR brows, your natural and most flattering, symmetrical shape.  From front corner to arch to tail, these brows will be as far from a cookie cutter as eyebrows are from an actual cookie.


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    Yes absolutely agree with everything said! Explained so well!

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