Exceptional Education

Exceptional Education

Ever wanted to learn or try something new? Thought, “Oh, I think that looks fairly simple, bet I could learn that," and then started to research how to do it and felt overwhelmed?

Let me compare this to learning to sew.  You see this really cute skirt and think, “that looks like it would be so easy to make; how hard could that really be?” Then you promptly head down to the nearest shop to look for patterns to fit the skirt you pictured.  You get home and unfold the pattern...

Well, let me stop you there… Have you actually ever had the pleasure of looking at a pattern? Reading the "really clear" instructions and trying to decipher what it all means? Let’s be real, in some cases when speaking of trying to muddle through a pattern or learn Russian, I think learning Russian would be an easier task, and way more comprehensible.  But let’s continue, shall we? You unfold the pattern, see places to cut, numbers, and then instructions of how to put it all together.

There is just a lot in all of this process; cutting, the inside and outside of the fabric, and finally, hopefully, completing the task.  Maybe it wasn’t really a “looks super simple, I bet I could learn that” type of task.

The process could have been a whole lot easier with some personal direction, feedback, descriptions, definitions, experience, modeling, and support from a professional to assist in this learning process.

Now I want you to put this into perspective with a task such as microblading. First of all, there is nothing simple about microblading.

Honestly, talk about pressure and stress!  You are literally about to permanently implant pigment into someone's skin, and not just anywhere, into their face!

Yes, you probably should get a little direction, instruction, feedback, experience, modeling, and support.

With Microblading there are various aspects that are utterly imperative to have a firm grasp on before beginning.  You should definitely know about the skin, how different products, age, and daily routines impact it; as well as how it responds to wounds and the healing process.  

Understanding pigment, how it is created, what it is made of, how it works in the skin, and how the molecules fade, and stay in the skin is also vital information. This information will help you know how to better implant the pigment and care for the process during and following a microblading session.

Knowing the skin and its layers is a must! Understanding what is happening on a cellular level during service and in the healing process is all part of your job because these cells absolutely impact your work and your finished results.

Knowing the skin also allows you to know if you have actually hit the appropriate depth during your service.  Depth is key avoiding potential scarring, pigment retention, and the most effect healing process. It can also determine the color your clients brows will appear when the healing is complete.

Aftercare, or the way in which you help your skin to heal, will also impact the way your finished work will appear.  Hydrated healing with a semi-occlusive. breathable barrier allows oxygen to penetrate while trapping in moisture and other essential ingredients designed for proper healing.  It will also create an environment that will allow fibroblasts to create collagen and bridge the tissues together to heal, all while keeping the implanted pigment looking fresh and at its best.

When talking about microblading, as it is with sewing that cute skirt, it is so important to get exceptional education that will address all of the hows and whys of skin, pigment, depth, and aftercare, and more fully prepare you for a successful career in microblading. After all, giving our clients the very best service possible should always be our goal.  

Here at Precis Brows, we pride ourselves on teaching every aspect of histology, microblading, pigment, hydrated healing, and clean products, and assist you in creating confidence in your craft.

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