Hydrated Healing is the best way to Heal

Hydrated Healing is the best way to Heal

Ever had a tattoo? How about permanent makeup?

If you have had either, then you probably know about keeping ointment on the fresh tattoo  for about two weeks until the skin heals.  A tattoo is a wound right? You literally just punctured the skin creating a wound. So, considering it a wound, weather intentional or not, we want the skin to heal as healthy as possible.  

If we consider a scab an indication of healing, then we would definitely want to let it scab over. But I would challenge you to consider that a scab actually isn't a part of a healthy healing process at all. 

When the skin is broken your body will send lymph to the area to create a scab to cover the area so it can heal.  However, a scab will only develop over the injured area if the area does not contain enough moisture for the healing to begin. 

According to science, a scab will develop to cover the wound, creating an environment where moisture can be maintained so fibrocyts can develop.  Fibrocyts then draw the tissues together, like a suspension bridge, and allows collagen to begin to lay the necessary foundation for wounded tissue to pull together and heal. (Quora Contributor, January 2014)

So, knowing this, what makes the most sense about the way we promote healthy wound healing? Dry or hydrated

Contrary to what most people have been taught, dry healing only occurs because the skin isn’t hydrated enough to heal without putting a variable “lid”, or scab, on it. This process traps moisture around the wound, and promotes healing. 

When the skin is properly hydrated, the moisture nurtures the fibrocyts, fully allowing them to maintain the hydration necessary to create a foundation of healing and allowing subsequent collagen production to occur.

Now that we have established the necessity of hydration in healing, what type of products are the best to create that perfect environment and balance to promote healing? 

Most products on the market that promote hydrated healing are petroleum based.  What does that mean? Petroleum-based products trap moisture, yes, they absolutely do, but they also trap germs and create a layer, or film, that does not allow the skin to breathe, Wounds need both moisture and oxygen to properly heal.

Finding a product that hydrates and allows oxygen to get to the cells is vital. Finding a product that does that and also contains natural healing ingredients, is in fact, the key to proper, healthy, hydrated, healing. 

Precis Brow Balm has done that and more. It is a breathable occlusive.  This means that is traps moisture while allowing oxygen to penetrate through the product to the wounded cells, delivering the much needed oxygen to the cells.  In addition, the balm contains various ingredients which are natural and contain major healing properties. 

The Brow Balm in engineered to promote healthy, hydrated healing, and may cut your healing time in half. 

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