On your mark, get set, go…

On your mark, get set, go…

That has been this year for sure, and an amazing year at that! It’s been a crazy and rewarding whirlwind of personal growth, product development, women empowerment, training's, and education!

This year we created a new pigment line with the artist and client in mind. Clean Ink, fading to a neutral color instead of a green, blue or pink for the customer, and a line an artist can stand behind confidently without worrying their customer will come back with unnatural and unattractive colors.

We have had the opportunity to hold the first ever (in our industry) Brow Babe Retreat. Our Precise Brows team traveled for training's where we got to meet so many of our Brow Babes. We have had the opportunity to watch so many of you grow individually, and see your careers flourish. We have had the privilege of watching you grow with us, while we continue to grow ourselves.

As we look forward to this coming year we are so excited for our new training's and advanced education opportunities. This year will be an amazing year of educational growth!

We are so excited for new changes and opportunities in our industry as a whole. This next year we are striving for excellence, advanced education, personal and professional growth, and the opportunity to lift our entire industry together, United, supporting and uplifting one another along the way.

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