Red, Green, Blue, and Purple

Red, Green, Blue, and Purple..

No, we're are not talking about Christmas light ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about... yep, you guessed it, BROWS.

Let’s address the science behind the colors you see. The color comes from pigments, either organic or inorganic. These elements are ground into a powder substance, then mixed with a liquid and binders and it becomes pigment, ready to use.

Your Brows, the color they will be following your session and what color they will fade to, depends heavily upon the element used in the pigment, its base color, and molecular size.

Based on the pigment, the color element, its production, and delivery, your brows may look great, but over time they can fade and leave behind funky colors. The largest molecule in the pigment is the color element you will see appear as your brows fade, this is where you will see a variation of green, blue, and peach brows.

Things you should know

  1. not all pigment is created equal!
  2. Most pigments contain toxins, known carcinogens, and other ingredients that can be harmful and affect your brows.
  3. Poorly blended pigments gives you a variation of results,  it will leave trace colors in your brows 1-2 years following your tattoo in either a green, blue, or peach tone. (see tattooing in full color blog post),
  1. You, as an artist should be educated on the ingredients, and clients, don’t be afraid to ask, you have a right to know whats going into your skin.


Knowing and understanding color elements and pigment is necessary. Understanding what’s in the bottle of pigment from whichever brand you are using will help you know what color may be left when brows have faded over time. To find this information look at your MSDS.

Do you know what a MSDS is?  It’s a Material Safety Data Sheet, it lists all ingredients found in the companies pigments.  Do you know what each of those ingredients are? Which ones are known carcinogens or are otherwise toxic? As a consumer we also encourage you to ask.

Permanent cosmetics is a thriving industry and at the forefront of the beauty world currently.  We encourage you as an artist to be educated and knowledgeable in what you are implanting in your clients skin.Be educated, Be known for your artistry and integrity in your work.

If this is new information, and you want to grow your education, join us for one of our January courses here in Orem, UT.  That doesn’t work for your schedule? Reach out to us and we will schedule you with one of our traveling educators.

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