The Education Behind a Flawless Service

Pigments are a huge part of the microblading service.  The product itself, its molecular structure, and ingredient deck are so important.  Pairing great products with compreheservice knowledge and understanding of the clients skin is the real key to having a beautiful end result.

Precis Pigments are created with safety in mind.  Our clients health and safety and the long term effects of the services we provide are at the base of everything we do.  Our Pigments are structured to have equal sized color molecules and blended to a neutral brown base. This allows them to fade evenly, and keep consistent color every time.

Throughout this process, we have identified certain ingredients that are known carcinogens and other toxins which are widely used in some of the top pigment lines. But you won’t find any of that here! We aren’t willing to cut costs by sacrificing safety. Painstaking efforts have gone into our formulations, and it shows. The only standard for us is the cleanest ingredients!

Quality pigments are a huge part of the service, but if you don’t understand the skin, then it may not matter what pigment you are using. Beautiful, lasting results cannot be achieved by pigment alone, so let us continue.

As artists we must also know and understand skin, its healing process, its layers, and how the various cells and their functions within it allow pigment to remain in the skin.

We need to understand the appropriate depth of pigment placement; understanding that not deep enough equals patchy brows that last a month at best - at worst, too deep will leave scarring and grey colored brows.

We need to know and understand the difference between scabbing and flaking in your healing process. Scabbing will pull color from the brows and is more likely to indicate scaring,  but flaking is a natural occurrence that is part of our 30 day cell cycle of shedding the epidermis. Hydrated healing allows brows to heal appropriately, creating an optimal environment for pigment to remain in the skin.

As artists we simply need to know and understand  the processes and science behind what we do; the how’s and the why’s. This knowledge will allow us to be the very best at our service.

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