Précis Color Pigment Set

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The NEW Précis Color is a CLEAN full synthetic pigment that is transforming the permanent cosmetic industry, especially in microblading. There are benefits upon benefits with using our synthetic oxide pigment as opposed to traditional iron oxide pigments including:

Hair strokes will stay exactly where you put them (also meaning shorter service times)

About 1/4 of the amount of product is needed to complete the service

A rich, creamy texture as opposed to an oily base

Color loss after initial service of only 10-15% as opposed to 20-50% loss seen with traditional iron oxide pigments

Color holds longer in the skin, with an average 1-3 year touch up time. This is huge for your clients!

Shorter touch up appointments because of better color retention

Formulated based on Fitzpatrick Scale AND hair color for incredible results

Color will not fade with peach, orange or blue tones. Your clients will love you! 

And much much more. Stay tuned for a free full color theory training on synthetic vs traditional iron oxide pigments, coming soon! 

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