Color Matching - Cosmetics

Have you  ever tried to shop for cosmetic and found yourself having to guess which shade to buy? Well look no further. Précis Brows is here to help! We have included some basic color matching instructions for you to perfectly select the right cosmetic shades!

Précis Brows Duo Brow Powder and Duo Brow Pencil:
  • Dark Brown- Warm tone for all brunettes
  • Medium Brown- Neutral to cool tone for all brunettes
  • Dark Blondes. This is a universal shade
  • Auburn- Good for all warm blondes and redheads
  • Blonde- Good for lightest blonde shades
Précis Brow Tint:
  • Dark Brown: For all dark brunette to black hair colors
  • Brunette: For all brunette hair colors
  • Neutral: For all dark blonde hair colors
  • Golden Blonde: For all blonde hair colors
  • Clear: For use on all hair colors