Aftercare Cards - Pack of 50

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Buy in bulk!!! Along with your order of Precis Brow Balm, don’t forget to order the Aftercare Instruction Cards for your clients. The cards give clients specific, detailed, instructions; a definite must! They come in pre-bound, plastic shrink-wrap packages of 50 cards.


Precis brow balm is perfected for hydrated healing for the brows. The proprietary blend of botanicals promotes hydrated healing, allowing the skin to breathe and speed up the recovery process. 

To use, simply take one clean Q-tip, dip one end in the balm, and simply swirl it in a circular motion until the balm become slightly liquified and smooth; this will allow for quick product penetration upon application. You will use one end of the Q-tip for the right brow, and the other for the left. 

Apply three times a day during the healing process; starting with day 1, until gone. Apply additionally, as needed, for any itching or discomfort .